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Whenever accessing GSK HR to review your employee benefit information or to initiate a transaction, you are authorizing the Plan Administrator to process each transaction as if you had given written, signed authorization to do so. The entry of your User ID, Password or other identifier serves as verification of your identity.

To prevent unauthorized access to your employee benefit information, and GSK HR portal, you must protect and keep confidential your User ID, Password or other identifier, and agree not to provide that information to anyone. If you disclose your User ID, Password or any other identifier to any other person, you assume all risk of loss associated with or resulting from that disclosure. If you permit anyone to access or use the GSK HR portal, or to use your User ID, Password or other identifier for any other purpose, you are responsible for all activities and transactions conducted by that person.

If you believe someone may attempt to use or has already used your User ID, Password or other identifier in order to access your employee benefit information without your permission, immediately notify GSK by calling 1-877-myGSKHR (1-877-694-7547) during normal business hours.


Note: Benefits User ID is not your MUD ID.

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